Friday, March 10, 2006

"Higher," ecumenical version

"B'shem Hashem, Elokei Yisrael,
mimini, Michael,
u-mis'moli, Gavriel,
u-mil'fanai, Uriel,
u-meiacharai, R'fael,
v'al roshi, sh'chinat Kel.

In the name of the L-ord, G-d of Israel,
on my right, Michael
and on my left, Gabriel
and in front of me, Rafael
and above my head, the presence of G-d."

On my left, an Asian man
His eyes closed tight,
his hands on his knees, palms up
engrossed in an Asian

In front of me,
a woman making the sign of the cross

In my head,
the sound of the Moshav Band
singing Shlomo--
"L-ord, get me high

Get me high

Get me high"

My feet were on the floor
My hands holding the pole

But my soul was soaring on the subway



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